Belmar Elementary School Takes on the Emerald City: “The Wizard of Oz'” Musical This Weekend

Join the Journey Over the Rainbow with Belmar’s Young Stars for a Magical Musical Experience

Emerald City Adventures Await at Belmar Elementary: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Musical Hits the Stage This Weekend

Photo Credit: Belmar Elementary School

By Matt Doherty Belmar Lake Como Tap Into

PublishedMarch 6, 2024 at 11:41 AM

Last UpdatedMarch 6, 2024 at 11:45 AM

BELMAR, NJ – This Friday and Saturday, the auditorium of Belmar Elementary School will transform into the enchanting world of Oz, as students bring to life the popular musical, “The Wizard of Oz.” The curtains rise at 7:00 PM on Friday and for a matinee show at 2:00 PM on Saturday at 1101 Main St. in Belmar. With tickets priced at just $5, it’s a golden opportunity to support young talent and indulge in a timeless tale of adventure.

“The Wizard of Oz” tells the story of young Dorothy Gale, who, along with her dog Toto, is whisked away by a tornado to the magical Land of Oz. There, she meets a cast of unforgettable characters: the Scarecrow seeking brains, the Tin Man longing for a heart, and the Cowardly Lion hunting for courage. Together, they journey to see the Wizard in the hopes of fulfilling their deepest desires, all while avoiding the wicked Witch of the West.

Belmar Elementary’s rendition involves students from the 4th to 8th grades, showcasing the vibrant talents of its young performers under the direction of dedicated teacher Kerry White. She emphasized, “Investing in the arts programs within our school is not just an enrichment of the curriculum; it is a vital investment in the hearts and minds of our students. Through the arts, we teach children to express themselves, solve problems creatively, and connect with the world around them in profound ways. This investment pays dividends in student achievement, fostering a generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders who understand the value of creativity, empathy, and collaboration.”

Among the cast is 4th grader Kenzie Lardin, who shared, “I’m excited to be in the play because I love theatre and I’ve been waiting to be in the play since second grade. I also love the songs. My favorites are ‘The Jitterbug’ and ‘Ease on Down the Road’. I thank Mrs. Fabian, Mrs. White, Mrs. Stierman, and Mrs. Schladebeck for working hard on the play.”

The production not only highlights the students on stage but also those behind the scenes. Beau Farrell, an eighth grader with three years of stage crew experience, reflects on his time at Belmar Elementary: “This being my third year of stage crew and my 8th year of Belmar Elementary, I have met so many people, who I never want to forget, and learned skills that can help me succeed in the future. But there is a point in someone’s life where they have to move on, but it’s never a bad thing. When I go to high school, I will meet new people and learn new skills that will help me pursue my career. I’m really gonna miss Belmar, and all of the people I have met along the way.”

The Belmar Education Association secured a Pride Grant from the New Jersey Education Association, earmarked for the costumes needed to bring the musical to life. This funding plays a pivotal role in enhancing the theatrical experience, enabling students to fully embody their roles on stage.

As Belmar Elementary School prepares to bring the magic of Oz to life, the community is invited to join in supporting the arts and the young performers who have worked tirelessly to create a show that promises to be both entertaining and inspiring. Don’t miss your chance to travel down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and her friends for an unforgettable adventure in the Land of Oz. Come out and support the arts happening in Belmar this weekend.