Belmar Elementary School Child Study Team

Mrs. Vasile - Supervisor of Special Services, Learning Disabilities / Teacher Consultant
Mrs. Carol Yavarone, Child Study Team Secretary • 732.681.2388 ext. 1021 •
Mrs. Megan Kellert, School Psychologist • 732.681.2388 ext. 1023 •
Ms. Kelly Faxon, School Psychologist • 732.681.2388 ext. 1230 •

Mrs. Alexandra Laird, School Social Worker • 732.681.2388 ext. 1031 •
Ms. Lauren Russo, District Family Liaison • 732.681.2388 ext. 1034 •

The Special Education Program

Classified students at Belmar Elementary receive supportive instruction in the least restrictive environment in all core subject areas. Varied instructional strategies and reinforcement techniques enable the students to become more academically proficient.

Placements ranging from inclusion to special classes enable students to receive the appropriate level of service in both general education and special education alike.

The teachers who work with classified students work in conjunction with the Child Study Team.

Mrs. Vasile
Supervisor of Special Services / LDTC

Learning Disabilities/ Teacher Consultant

I am the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant or LDT-C. An LDT-C is a part of the Child Study Team. It is my job to support teachers and students and develop appropriate educational strategies for the classroom. I also evaluate students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and determine whether or not a student has a specific learning disability. If a child is eligible for special education and/or related services I help to create an individualized education plan (IEP) for the child.

Mrs. Vasile
Supervisor of Special Services / LDTC

School Social Worker

As the school social worker, and member of the Child Study Team, I interview parents, teachers and sometimes the child for a social history assessment, which provides information on the birth and development of the child. Social history assessments also look at the family history, social/emotional issues, school history, and current relationships with family and peers, to give insight into understanding why a child may be experiencing learning difficulties in school. Counseling and groups are also provided on an as need basis to the special education children. We can also assist families with needed resources!

Trabajadora Social Escolar
Como la trabajadora social escolar, y parte del Equipo de Estudios del Niño(a), entrevisto padres, maestros, y de vez en cuando a el/la niño(a) como parte del la evaluación social, la cual provee información del nacimiento y desarrollo del niño(a). Esta evaluación social también examina el historial familiar, problemas sociales y emocionales, historial escolar, y las relaciones de familia y amistades para darnos un entendimiento mas comprehensivo del porque el niño(a) esta teniendo dificultades de aprendizaje en la escuela. También ofrezco servicios de conserjería a niños(as) que lo necesitan y reciben servicios especiales.

Alexandra Laird, MSW, LCSW
732-681-2388 Ext. 1031

School Psychologist

The school psychologist has various functions:

  • Performing psychological evaluations as part of the Child Study Team’s initial or re-evaluation process to determine eligibility for special education and related services; these evaluations involve assessments of a student's cognitive ability and social/emotional/behavioral adjustment as they affect school performance
  • Conducting group and individual counseling
  • Conducting risk assessments for students in need
  • Serving as a consultant to teachers regarding behavioral intervention/behavior modification plans
  • Collaborating with teachers and related service personnel in order to write classified students' individualized education programs (IEPs)
  • Case managing and advocating for students both in- and out-of-district

Mrs. Megan Kellert
732-681-2388 x1023

Ms. Kelly Faxon, M.A.
732-681-2388 x1230

Project Child Find

The Belmar Board of Education is asking parents of children ages 3 to 21 to contact the Belmar Elementary School’s Child Study Team at 732.280.9184 if they suspect their child may be disabled.

The disability may be due to a physical, sensory, emotional, communicative, cognitive or social difficulties. This service is available to all residents of Belmar, Lake Como, migrant workers or homeless families