Belmar Elementary School educates and nurtures each child according to the highest standards of athletic excellence, responsible behavior, and teamwork during competition. Each child is valued as a unique person with individual talents and needs. Our athletic department strives to stimulate students to think cohesively and cooperatively as a team, and to ensure a mastery of athletic skills appropriate for participation in a competitive athletic league.

We believe that participation in youth sports develop important character traits and values. We encourage each child to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, to show respect for others, to do his or her best, and to make an active contribution to both the school and the community by representing excellence in "sportspersonship" during competitive contests.

The athletic program gives each child an opportunity to discover the joy of competing and the pleasure of life-long pursuits: intellectual, emotional, and physical. The school seeks a partnership with each child's family based on mutual respect, trust, and open communication.

Belmar Elementary School is a member of the Monmouth County Athletic League (M.C.A.L.) You may go to their website at


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