BES Fishing Club first striped bass 10/26

The BES Fishing club hit the beach today where we experienced warm temps and sunny skies.

I wasn’t sure about today. This COULD have been the first trip where we got skunked, but somehow the fish gods were with us. 

Today, we targeted striped bass with bait; something I haven’t done since I was a little kid. It brought back a lot of memories of fishing with my dad or a couple of friends on a warm summer evening. 

When we arrived to the 12th ave. Beach, the tide was rising. This was to advantage, despite the wind blowing South. We demonstrated how to create a rig, bait choices, and some students honed in their skills casting lures. Overall, we were just having a fun day at the beach. The snacks/drinks, laughs, the camaraderie. 

All of the sudden, when we were almost ready to give up, I see a rod almost bending in half. FISH ON! We all sprinted and Nick C. from our 8th grade was on the reel. The hype was REAL. He cranked in a nice 27” striped bass. It was a group win. The fish was our trophy. I think photos tell the tale best. Be on the lookout soon for a full article highlighting our club. 

A good time was had by all.

Thank you Mr. Dahrouge, Mrs. Travers, and Mrs. Veltre!!!