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Belmar Elementary School educates and nurtures each child according to the highest standards of excellence, responsible behavior, and teamwork during extra-curricular activities. Each child is valued as a unique person with individual talents and needs. Studies have shown that students who participate in extra-curricular activities have a marked improvement in their grades. This can be attributed to skills they learn such as better time management to accommodate their hobbies and class activities, better organizational skills and a boost in their self-esteem. Skills learned in clubs can be applied in the classroom too, as the students learn how to express themselves better.

Students who engage in extracurricular activities are exposed to a wide range of new activities such as, gardening, service to others, drama, band and singing. Though these activities may be hobbies, some students take them up and pursue them in their adult lives, turning their hobby into their career.
We believe that participation in extra-curricular activities develops important character traits and values. Students who participate in extra-curricular activities have a sense of commitment. We encourage each child to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, to show respect for others, to do his or her best, and to make an active contribution to both the school and the community.

Some of the Extra Curricular Activities include:

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