BES Fishing Club Makes First Trip of the Season

Lake Como 4/5/2023

Today, our 5th-8th grade fishing club made it’s first trip of the season to Lake Como.
26 students including some brave teachers (shout out to Mrs. Travers, Mrs. Veltre, and Mr. Dahrouge) made the trek with rods and tackle in tow.

With air temperatures in the low to mid 50s combined with a dense fog/mist, most people would have stayed indoors until the spring weather comes to full effect. This being said, from the eyes of a fisherman, these were great early spring conditions to target species such as largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, catfish, and more at our local lake.

Things picked up quick with a few small bass taken on night crawlers and a split shot rig right away. Not to mention, a couple hang ups in the trees and even a takeaway container being snagged. Further success continued with some students catching yellow perch using a worm and bobber.

The big ticket of the day seemed to be the classic rooster tail spinner, these produced quantities and some better size largemouth. About half the club was able to hook up which is a great start for us this year.

Overall, everyone was safe and had fun. Our students are learning more each week about our local ecosystems along with getting exercise and fresh air outdoors.

A good time was had by all.
Thanks for reading,
Mr. Pettersen